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For most of us our whole world has become unrecognizable in a matter of days. Unprecedented rapid change and extreme uncertainty has become our new norm, and understandably, many of us are finding it challenging, confusing, and hard to process. For those of us who were already struggling, have pre-existing trauma, are in recovery, or wrestling with eating disorders, addictions, unsafe home environments, abusive relationships, or self-harming behaviors, feeling isolated at this time might be particularly alarming. You are not alone in this.

Times of stress predictably trigger previous trauma and old ingrained coping strategies; and this is a time of intense stress for most. In the midst of endless external unpredictability, many of us are having to find new ways to support ourselves financially, boost our immunity, educate our children, take care of our loved ones, all while we’re not supposed to worry or leave the house. 

So i just want to say that however you’re feeling about all this, is okay. Completely normal, nothing is wrong with you for responding as you are, seriously. Anxious, sad, calm, angry, trapped, terrified, bored, exhausted, hyperalert, unable to focus, rage, checked out, excited, disgusted, disappointed, justified, apathetic, super high functioning, overstimulated, quiet, relieved, desperate, hopeless, incredibly optimistic, or overwhelmed, etc… and you might feel all this just in one day. 

You get the point. There are a vast range of ways we may be impacted, and they are likely significantly heightened if we have pre-existing trauma. 

Which is where we come in. I’ve been getting so many questions about how to navigate this time, people super concerned they are backsliding or coming completely untethered, people confused by their own behaviors or wanting to know how to better support their loved ones, and lots of people wanting to know how to work with their feelings so they don’t get swallowed by them.

So I asked my favorite trauma experts, survivors, teachers, doctors, therapists, coaches, practitioners and artists to come have a conversation with me about this. About navigating trauma during a global pandemic. My intent is for you to come away more informed, with a deeper understanding, more self-compassion and some actions you can try right away that can help you take better care of yourself each and every day. 

To be clear, we’re not promising to solve all your problems, heal your trauma, or give you the magical approach that will make it all better. But I can assure you we will not be judging how anyone is coping. There will be no shaming or lecturing on what you should be feeling or how you should be dealing. There will be honest conversations and explorations of how trauma works, where it comes from, what may be happening for you and why. We’ll be sharing about our experiences and things that have helped us and suggestions on what you might find useful too. 

And it’s all starting online next week, and it’s completely free. So if you want to be on the list to find out who is going live when, simply click the button below and enter your name and email so we can follow up soon.  

Regardless of whether you sign up or not, if you have read to this point, I just want to offer one last time that you give yourself grace here. However you feel is okay. However you are coping makes sense. And we will get through this. One day we will get through and this will be a story of how you found your way through. Day-by-day, step-by-step. We can do this; we have to.

Curious about how trauma might be showing up? Our coping strategies can include any or all of these:

  • Reaching for food, binging, or not wanting to eat
  • Obsessing about worst case future scenarios or looping on past painful experiences 
  • Crying all the time or losing ourselves in hours of TV
  • Reaching out to exes who were not good to us or picking fights with our current partners
  • Over-giving and forgetting to take care of ourselves or hoarding random things just in case
  • Relapsing or fighting relapse with addictions or noticing you are doing new surprising things to try and numb out
  • Feeling like no one gets you or is even considering you or checking in on you, feeling abandoned and betrayed or feeling burdened by all the people reaching out to connect, expecting time from you in ways that seem suffocating 
  • Irritated and quick to anger or hopeless, feeling utterly powerless to do anything or make anything different or better
  • Worried about break-ins and your safety and how others might react out of fear or feeling invincible and being cocky about how nothing can get to you 
  • Losing friends because of your difference of opinion on how to best face this or constantly afraid people are upset with you (or will be) for making the wrong choices now 
  • Nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling, not showering or constantly washing everything and grooming and researching how you are going to keep your face tight without botox
  • Constantly sleeping or unable to sleep
  • Checked out, shut down, unable to feel or paralized by depression
  • Incredibly productive, constantly busy, extremely optimistic, just so excited or spending money you don’t have on things just to feel like you are doing something 
  • Scrolling through social media hours a day feeling horrible about yourself because you aren’t handling it the “right” way like those super cool, nothing-like-you people are or feeling so excluded from the conversation, so dismissed by people you were once inspired by, it’s just more evidence that everything is bad or not what it seems 

  • Hours of watching the news and reading press about what is happening minute by minute, or refusing to hear anything about what is happening because it will lower your vibe and you simply cannot have that toxicity anywhere around you 
  • Consumed with intense sexual urges that have no place to go or completely disinterested in sex, so freaked you can’t even bear to have your partner touch you 
  • Starting a milion projects and possible careers, always certain the next thing is the thing or unwilling to consider the job you had may not be coming back ever
  • Constantly anxious about health, do you have the virus, when will you know, is it 6 days or 2 weeks or what if you don’t get the fever does that mean you have it and oh what if your parents or your friend or this or that or that too… or confident without a shadow of a doubt you don’t have it, and even if you do, you’ll be fine, and these rules are all so stupid you aren’t even going to wash your hands
  • Fixated on thinking about death and dying and constantly checking the stats for death rates and doing the math on your chances or completely unwilling to even consider that people you know might die

Just to name a few ;) But in all seriousness willpower is woefully inadequate in long term behavior change. It tends to be only when we get to the core of what’s driving the behaviors, the reasons underneath the need for all the coping strategies, that change happens more sustainably, with less efforting because we have faced the the things we were attempting to escape from. 

This is the beauty of doing our work. This is what we will begin exploring online next week. I hope to see you there..

some of our guest teachers...

In this free virtual event you’ll hear from a vast range of experts, therapist, coaches, teachers, doctors, health practitioners, surviors, clinicians and artist who know trauma well.

Emily Joy Rosen, David Cates, Melissa Grace, Hyla Cass, Karen Salmansohn

Udo Erasmus, Britt Frank, Lisa A. Romano, Danica Harris Ph.D., Rachael Maddox

Satyen Raja, Terri Cole, Hiro Boga, Harry Pickens, Christine Hassler

Nisha Moodley, Elizabeth DiAlto, Raven Wells, Nora Alwah, Robert Kandell

Maya Luna, Marshall Burtcher, Nicole Lewis-Keeber, Lisa Fabrega, Alanja Forsberg

Dr. Amie Apigian, Dr. Martin Rosen, Kelly Notaras, Regina Smith, Renee Airya Chan

Sheleana Aiyana, Aumatma Shah, Melissa Kathryn Farley, Shiroko Sokitch, Dr. Catherine Clinton, ND

Erica Jacobs, Arden Leigh, Audra Baker, Buster Rådvik, Rachel Rickards

LiYana Silver, Dr. Allison Snowden, Annalissa Vicencio, Deborah Wilder, Heather Knight

Tara Dawn, Jack Mason-Goodall, Debi Silber, Sara Sophia Eisenman, Keesha Ewers

emily joy rosen, your host...

emily is an artist, entrepreneur, writer, and transformation junkie devoted to the practice of helping us see our challenges as opportunities for growth, as an invitation to turn our wounds into wings. founder of secret keepers, an inspirational company where personal growth meets art, emily creates offerings such as jewelry with a story, programs for creative expression, communities for supportive kinship, thought-provoking prose, and spoken word pieces to honor our sometimes messy, beautiful human experience.  

she also serves as the ceo of the institute for the psychology of eating, where she oversees business development strategies, marketing, public relations, student affairs and program development. with an extensive background in nutritional science, counseling, mind body practices, conscious sexuality, the culinary arts, business management, and marketing, emily has spearheaded the institute into an international organization that helps transform the lives of millions of people each year. prior to her role at the institute, emily was the long-term nutrition director for wellness camps and programs serving teens and adults, had a private counseling practice, and held the position of executive chef at several retreat centers.this path was a dramatic pivot from her degree in painting and printing at rhode island school of design, but her decade-long journey with an eating disorder inspired her passion for health and transformation and her dedication to helping others finally find freedom with food and body.  

as part of offering ongoing support, encouragement, and insight to those who struggled in a similar way to how she had, emily began writing and sharing her experiences around food, body, mental health, and relationship challenges online. much to her surprise, many of her posts went viral, growing an engaged community of over 700,000 people committed to healing, through her raw and revealing poetry.

these days, emily focuses on helping people more courageously live their truth in the world. her journey with owning her story and practicing radical vulnerability while diving deep into understanding why we humans do the things we do led her to create a company that offers both practical learnings and inspiring messages of beauty, grace, and courage.  

when she is not busy running her multiple companies, emily can be found writing or listening to lectures, talking about trauma, exploring sexuality, teaching marketing, or diving into abnormal psychology while tending to her indoor jungle of plants or making succulent gardens. walking is her medicine, and the loves of her life are her four pups, who are endless delight and entertainment. learn more at

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